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Virtual Portfolio Project


This was my Senior Project for my course at UF. It's a museum simulator created in Unreal that is filled with my most treasured works. I made this as an alternate and more unique way to view my portfolio. They are all organized and separated into several individuals rooms. Some of the types of works that can be viewed include my models, games, artwork, and animations. Each and every one of them is displayed next to a plaque that indicates the title of the piece, the date it was created, and a short description about the piece. You can even pick some of them up to get a closer look!

If you want to view some of these and my other pieces in a whole new way, then feel free to download it!


Use the arrow keys or the "W", "A", "S", and "D" keys to move about in the museum. Models can be picked up by clicking the mouse button on an object when you are standing in front of it. You can then rotate the model by moving your mouse in different directions. The animations and games can be viewed by approaching the screen that they are presented on.

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